Orientating London 1/ JERWOOD SPACE

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The most of works in the gallery was drawing works since as the title of the exhibition is “The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013 ” This is known as the UK’s one of the largest and longest running annual open exhibition for drawing. Of course I could have seen a lot of drawing and painting works in different forms using various materials and mostly they were technically good works but I couldn’t be sure if one particular piece can be considered as good work just because it’s well painted with great skills… judgment of art work is highly dependent on it’s theme, artist’s struggling and developing progresses. In this regard, not many works touched my mind but I found several video interesting.


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This gallery is conveniently located in the central area in south east London. The most of people walking on the street  seemed to be employees from the office buildings near the gallery so, having a cafe in the gallery is quite understandable and it was a clever way to stimulate busy people to come to the gallery despite of the food smell from the cafe which may bother visitors concentrating on exhibition…besides, some customers of the cafe would can look have a look the exhibition and become regular audiences of the gallery.