Orientating London 2 / TATE MODERN



River Taxi / on the way to TATE MODERN.

Every british person would know where the Tate Modern is since this gallery is one of most popular galleries and representative tourism attractions in London. As the name of the gallery says, Most of works exhibiting in the gallery focus on contemporary art rather than traditional forms of art as like paintings by artists in Victorian-era. Taking river taxi to go to Tate Modern was a good idea since the gallery is right beside the river. time efficient!!


Project Space: Word. Sound. Power.

SAMSUNGOne interesting exhibition; the title of the exhibition sounded interesting since the relation between sound and world is invisible. World has been changed a lot and each country’s influence in global economy is flexible dependent on unpredictable political, diplomatic circumstance. Several indian artists tired to express the power of each person or certain group, society through their voice, sound.

(The use of the voice as a means of protest and as a metaphor for self-representation is central to this exhibition) One sentence in the explanation of work on the website was impressive and strong clearly representing the theme of art. works were a form of documentary with visible images or movies and sound but sound was not particularly emphasised in the film, it was more about the narrative story of figures. Through film about indian amateur hip hop/ b-boy dancers, artist convey the feelings like sadness, happiness and hopelessness… not every audience would feel the feelings I have felt but I am quite sure whoever watched it, they would have felt some energy from young dancers in some ways. Passion for dance, that was a driving source of their life.