Frieze Art Fair; so much commercialism

Frieze Art Fair; 20.Oct.13 

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This art fair gave me a chance to think about the relation between commercialism and art, how closely they are involved and related.

Today, modern art would not exist without financial supports as not many artists would deal with poverty as like artists in the past…. artists would not be able to produce work keeping their uniqueness even if they are willing to spend long days of anonymity because commercialised galleries and museums would not support or exhibit their work regardless of work’s real value and level. Estimating the art work is fairly subjective work, so art work is often valued by it’s degree of famous or popularity in modern society. I felt like lost in the middle of the exhibition; felt quite confused; not being able to judge which one is better and worse than which one. Doesn’t it highly depend on influence or awarness of the gallery where exhibits that certain art piece…?……….? For example, most of people would believe it could be good art works when it’s shown in renowned gallery……..