Paradise Lost? A Performance at Archway Tower


by Scarabeus Aerial Theatre

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Outstanding, fabulous performance!!!

It was really weird for me to feel like crying seeing art work since I have not really felt that way visiting a plenty of galleries and museums so far in my life and seeing art pieces…..I could tell obviously, the performance is the effective way to transmit the energy to public at one time with limited time and use of human body…. it happened in a short time and it came to my mind giving me a strong impression. I am respectful for performers’ achievements, their endeavour… I want to show admiration since I know it’s not just a performance, it’s fruits showing their lifelong effort, passion and pride. Maybe that was why I felt crying during the performance. Background music played with performance was really suitable for dancer’s movement and choreography and atmosphere…. dark sky, dark black towers with dancers in vivid colour costume; swimming the night sky. Indescribable feelings….