Project; Actualising/ Visualising/ Symbolising the society

I have been thinking of producing installation as the next project for off side exhibition which is right after the eater term. This is mainly because I am more interested in visualising, symbolising the society and in order to do it, 3D object is more effective and approachable then drawing and plus, the exhibition place our group found is quite a casual and cosy space on the first floor of traditional english pub. With some frames, windows on the wall and two fire places with wooden floor, the space isn’t the best place for modernised, minimalism pieces especially the pieces requires a simple, tidy space like common gallery place (achromatic coloured wall and floor) then it would look awkward in the space. I started to think what sort of pieces would be naturally situated in the space since aesthetic aspects cannot be neglected in art.

Would what we see now be the real? Well, it can always be illusion. 

Image: File photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un waves as he visits military units on islands in the most southwest of Pyongyang Image: File photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un waves as he visits military units on islands in the most southwest of Pyongyang

 Distorted images of North Korea’s leader ;

Nobody knows him exactly as he wouldn’t reveal himself, keeping things in silence. So there is more confusion would occur with uncertainty of objects.


What do we see on the surface of object? Can we be convinced the images we are looking at are not fabricated, censored…? I would be more interested in unrevealed images by cracks rather than obviously clear images so may be the images that chose to be shown.

Foreign material/ Foreign substance 

It would be interesting if I fill up the gap with unexpected materials which have nothing to do with the original materials but they would be there to fill up the cracks so that / pretending to be the original// sneakily hiding.

Research words ===> Sculpture Collage. 

art,collage,colour,dog,sculpture,toy-0c594bffecafee5ef7bffb358e785478_h photographer Alexander Khokhlov

I got some a massive broken plant pot from a garden service centre near my house. They would have been discarded as for some reason it was totally smashed and destroyed but luckily I could found almost every single piece of the pot so I carried them to my place. I would work on getting it back together as before but in the processes of that, there would be some involvements/// foreign material can be similar to the original material in colour or structure but it is basically different.

Nothing can replace the original/ Nothing can become the original but only by pretending.

Ceramic Craft references.




Grayson Perry’s Ceramic Craft work/// Plane Figure





Ceramic Art London