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0. Noam Chonsky

1. Sam Taylor Johnson

2. Subodh Gupta

2. Dave Beech

Freee;  The art collective of Dave Beech, Andy Hewitt and Mel Jordan.


Freee is a collective made up of three artists, Dave Beech, Andy Hewitt and Mel Jordan, who work together on slogans, billboards and publications that challenge the commercial and bureaucratic colonization of the public sphere of opinion formation. Freee occupies the public sphere with works that take sides, speak their mind and divide opinion.

 Freee’s recent projects include: The Whistleblowers guide to the public sphere, The Narrative Show, Eastside Projects, Public Opinion Forming as Citizenship? The Word is the Individuals!, The Voice of Onomatopee, Eindhoven, NL. Petition to ban all advertising! (No more renting out of the public sphere), for the exhibition We are Grammar for the Partt Manhattan Gallery, The Pratt Institute, New York, USA. May 2011. Protest Drives History for the exhibition, Vectors of the Possible, curated by Simon Sheikh for BAK, Utrecht, NL. Sept 2010. Every Shop Window is a Soap Boxfor the exhibition Touched,curated by Lorenzo Fusi for the Liverpool Biennial, International Festival of Contemporary Art, Liverpool, UK. Nov 2010.

Freee’s past projects include: Nought to Sixty, at the ICA, London; Terms Of UseCentro Cultural, Montehermoso, Vitoria, Spain, curated by Lisa Rosendahl; How To Be Hospitable, solo exhibition at the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh; How To Make A Difference, solo exhibition at International Project Space, Birmingham and Protest is Beautifulsolo exhibition at 1000000mph Gallery, London. Past projects include: Gavin Wade’s Strategic Questions: 31. What Are Aesthetics? at the Venice Biennale 2005, B+B’s Real Estate at the ICA London 2005, and the Guangzhou Triennale curated by Hou Hanru in China 2005.

The Freee Art Collective Manifesto For A Counter-Hegemonic Art, project/publication was launched at the Venice Biennale in June 2007. It is also available from the Freee website.

Paul O’Neill reviewed the exhibition How To Make A Difference in Art Monthly’s November 2007 issue. Freee’s Functions series has also been reviewed in Art Monthly and has been used by art writers to support a series of debates on the public sphere, The Neo-Imperialist Function Of Public Art was written about by Malcolm Miles in his book Cities and Cultures, published by Routledge, 2006. Freee was recently asked to contribute to Red Pepper magazine’s debate entitled Life in the Art World, Part 2, Red Pepper, issue 160, Jun/ Jul, pg 60- 62.

Here is Dave Beech explaining about his activity.


<FOUR HORSEMEN> by Ross Ashcroft.image022

Watching a documentary Noam Chomsky in.

This is not a film that blames bankers or politicians. It’s the film that questions the system that we created and suggest where it used to form them.

Over centuries, systems has been modified, manipulated and even corrupted, often to serve the interest of the few. We have continually accepted these changes. Because men can adjust living under virtually any conditions —

internet innovation/ to enact it, we must first understand that things that have been left unsaid for so long. To do that, we need contexts from people who speak the truths in the face of collective delusion.


All a great power has to do to destroy itself is persist in trying to do the impossible –  Stephen Vizinczey.

Remarkable Similarity (life cycle) of leaders of empires;

[Last about 250years]  (10 generations)

[6 ages] Pioneers – Conquest – Commerce – Affluence – Intellect – Decadence.

[Common Feature] Undisciplined, Overextended military, Wealth, Massive disparity between rich and poor, Desire to live off the state, Obsession with sex, debasement of currency.


When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they eat for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorises it and a moral code that glorifies it – Frederic Bastiat.

For three generations, the world watched the fight between Communism and Capitalism. But in the 1980’s Russian economy started to collops. So- called capitalism rain supreme… …