New Project / Macadamia & A shame on your face.


Going through a funny gossip news, involving a daughter of Korean Air(One of the most powerful and wealthiest companies in Korea) a few months ago, I have been paying attention to the news on media both in and out of Korea. Because I am always interested in finding the truth; justice and pure story that everyone deserves, I guess I wanted to practice my ‘Journey for the truth’ through this specific case some how. Despite of my romantic dreams, Judging what’s truth and what’s distortion, or lies was extremely difficult – with hundreds and thousands of news and information provided from all different sources of media. Moreover, sometimes people directly involved in the accident changed their testimony quite obviously by some trades, deals behind the stage(on the record / public).

A total chaos. Interwoven corruptions;;; Competing truths and lies.

So I decided to interview Macadamia itself in order to find out what really happened and who was in fact in charge.

_DSC0023 _DSC00251. A bag of Macadamia in the middle of the screen.

2. Sound effect – Either play rustling sound of Macadamia bag (Symbol of truth story)

or, the actual interview with actual actors with scripts based on the actual news.

* Required equipments – Audio recoding equipments /  Video Camera.


Other Suggestions –

1. playing news from each side of perspective (assailant VS victim) / By the macadamia bag.

2. Preserving/ Protecting Truth. An important witness (Macadamia) ——

I saw this picture on my friend’s Facebook timeline and thought of Macadamia case.

If a bag of Macadamia has that important role in this trials over everyone’s lies- as I supposed, Why not preserving it to mike sure that it can testify and end the chaos.



A shame on your face.

I live everyday ordinary life, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

Lies and corruptions are the part of me; my life. I am nothing different from them.

Method- Images or Videos representing disgusting injustice, corruption would be projected on my face. But I’ve got a smiling or plain face as usual. Because It doesn’t impress or hurt me anymore. I am also a part of that corruption and injustice, once I decided to ignore the issues and carry on my life.

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